short story




When Ardi wos six years old, he went and stayed with his grandparents in the country for a few weeks in the summer. He talked a lot with his grandmother while he was there, and she told him a lot of interesting things about their family which he had not known before.

When he came home again to his own parents, he said to his father “ Is it true that I was born in Cianjur City, Daddy?”

“ Yes, it is, Ardi, “ his father answerd.

“ And were you really born in the State of Jakarta?” Ardi asked

“ Yes, that’s right, “ his father answerd.” I was

“ And is it true Mummy was born in City of Bogor,” Ardi continued

His father said,” Yes, it is, out are you asking me all these Questins?”

Ardi answerd, “ Because when Granny told me all those things

While I was with her, I couldn’t understand how we ha all met.”


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