kalimat Subject, Verb , Complement, Modifier


1. I am a college Student

2. She is 24th. Y. O

3. My Father is a farmer

4. He is my Friend

5. The House is Big


1. Let Finish the job

2. Go for it

3. Do your home work

4. Listening the music

5. Study hard


1. I finished the school and get a Diploma

2. How much do I have to pay ? Five hundreds dollar

3, You have to go now, If you don’t want to getting late

4. She read the book a lot she know everything

5. IF you work hard, you’ll got a good money


1. She is pretty

2. You are Handsome

3. Theman is very honest

4. My Dog is Fat

5. The Car is Fast


I am a Student at the Collegr that called “ Gunadarma “, here in Jakarta, Study hard and everything mane earlier So I can finished the School and get my Diploma I have to do everything faster jwt Like The Car is Fast.


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